Summer 2021 Registration

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, Registration has become mandatory to participate in any rugby fitness and practices.

Welcome to the registration process!

We’re back! BC restrictions allow adult rugby to return to Phase 4 non-contact, touch-only practices. Register for rugby with the Bruins now and secure your place in the squad for the Summer!

Summer Registration: $19.99 ($17.43 + Tax & Fees) from now until the end of August 2021.

  • Registration Process

    1. Click the ‘Register Now‘ button, a new tab will open and registration will be completed on the Sportlomo website.

    2. Follow the directions on the Sportlomo website:

    1. Select province ‘BC Rugby‘.
    2. Search and select ‘Ridge Meadows‘ club.
    3. Select your membership(s) (open ‘Registration Dues‘ to view listed pricing below).
    4. Click ‘Register‘.
    5. Login or create a SportLoMo account to continue with registration.

    3. After payment, you will be contacted to complete your registration by your assigned team manager.

    4. Buy a mouth guard, and cleats!

    5. You’re done! Prepare for some serious fun!

    If you have any questions, contact one of our team Representatives.

  • Registration Dues

    Registration for Summer:

    New Rugby Player / Fitness (for new club members): $27.00

    Senior Player: $46.49

    Tem Management or Administrator Membership: $57.17

    Coach: $75.54

    There’s no Youth Boys, Girls & Minis at this time.

    NOTE: Fees are not included in listed pricing.

Register Now